3 Ways to Maximize a Small Space

Person A lives in an apartment in a soaring skyscraper in downtown Dubai. Person B lives in a villa in the suburbs of Abu Dhabi. Despite having very different lifestyles, both of these people have the same problem: They lack storage space. What can they do about it? Here are three ways to maximize space in any type of home in the UAE.

1. Use Color

Color can play tricks on the brain and make it seem like a room is bigger than it really is. Take dark colors, like black and dark grey, for example. These shades will often make a room appear cramped, congested, and claustrophobic. Using brighter shades, however, like turquoise or light yellow, can make a room appear seriously spacious.If you want to maximize a small space, play around with different paints until you settle on a shade that makes your home look bigger.

2. De-Clutter

De-cluttering small rooms might take a while (especially if you have a lot of stuff), but it can transform the entire look of your home. Think about all of your personal belongings and decide which items you need right now — and which items you can store away.If you have loads of clothes in your closet, for example, put the ones you don’t wear in storage boxes and hide these under your bed.

3. Use Mirrors

Just like color, mirrors can make it seem like your home is bigger than it is. Using a mirror as a statement piece — placing a large one on the wall in your bedroom, for example — will reflect light from outside and create the illusion of depth.Although large mirrors might not be as attractive as fancy artwork on the walls, they will make your home look more spacious.Of course, there’s another way to maximize space in your home, and it’s a lot easier than the three tips on this list. Keeping any unwanted household items in storage will instantly free up space in your property.Boxit Storage can pick up and pack your items from your doorstep and place them in a secure environment. You can pay online and cancel whenever you like. You will also receive insurance for your items. Click here to find out more about Boxit Storage.