3 Self-Storage Problems in the UAE — and How to Solve Them

Sometimes, self-storage in the UAE is more trouble than it’s worth. Some companies will try and get you to sign a long-term contract or have a storage facility miles and miles away from your home, which will make it difficult for you to access all your stuff. There is an alternative. Boxit Storage will solve the following three self-storage problems:

Problem No. 1: You lack storage space.

The Solution:

Space is at a premium in the UAE, especially in big cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many apartments don’t have much storage space at all, so tenants cram all of their stuff at the back of the closet or under the bed.If you lack storage space in your home, Boxit Storage has you covered. This storage company will store your items in a safe environment so you can free up space. It’s that simple. Toys, games, books, clothes, antiques, you name it — Boxit Storage lets you store almost any type of item without any of the fuss.

Problem No. 2: You don’t want to pay for long-term storage.

The Solution:

Some companies will try and get you to sign a long-term contract for storage. These contracts might range from six months to 1 year or longer. If you don’t plan to stay in one place for very long or just don’t want to enter a long-term contract, Boxit Storage has your back.With Boxit Storage, you just pay for the storage you need on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no commitments or contracts, and you can cancel at any time. Plus, you can pay for storage online, which takes just a few minutes.

Problem No. 3: You can’t travel to a storage facility.

The Solution:

Storage companies will often require you to drop off your items at their facility. However, this might not be possible if you are unable to travel or don’t own a car.Boxit Storage, on the other hand, will pick up and pack your belongings from your doorstep and bring them back when you need them again.Self-storage companies should solve problems, not create them. If you lack space in your home, don’t want to pay for long-term storage, or can’t travel to a storage facility, Boxit Storage will provide you with a solution. Click here to find out more.