Simple Ways to Keep Your Small Apartment Organized

Here’s something your landlord didn’t tell you when you moved into your apartment: There’s no storage space. If you live in seriously cramped conditions, you can still keep your home well-organized, though. Here are a few simple ways to organize your apartment.

1. Clean Dirty Dishes

A small, organized home is so much better than a messy one. Cleaning your dirty dishes after meal times — rather than leaving them on the countertop or in the sink — will reduce mess and make your kitchen more organized.

2. Go Paperless

Old bank statements, invoices, — all of these documents can take up space in your apartment. Why not go paperless, instead? Most banks and financial companies will let you check your finances online, which means there’s no paperwork cluttering up your home.

3. Don’t Throw Clothes on the Floor

Don’t let your environment influence your actions. If you live in a small home, it can be tempting to throw your clothes on the floor. but keeping your home organized will help you deal with even the crampest of spaces.A good laundry basket for dirty clothes is not only a space-saver but will help you become a more organized person.

4. Invest in Storage

If your apartment is not very organized, you probably just have too much stuff. Sure, you could cram all of your belongings at the back of your closet or under your bed, but that will only hide the problem and not solve it. Investing in storage is a great way to keep your apartment organized. Solutions like Boxit Storage offer a pay-as-you-go service, so there are no commitments, and you can cancel whenever you like. Plus, they pick up your belongings from your doorstep so you don’t have to travel to a storage facility. (This is really great if you don’t own a car!) Boxit Storage can insure your items too. Keeping your apartment organized doesn’t have to be a big deal, especially if you invest in a self-storage solution like Boxit Storage. Click here to find out more.