5 Suitcase Packing Tips

Packing tips

It happens every single time you travel. You tell yourself it won’t be a problem. Shoes at the bottom; T-shirts and jeans at the top, right? But still, here you are, squashing everything into your suitcase like a crazy person. There has to be an easier way, surely? Here are five suitcase storage tips that will stop you from tearing your hair out the next time you travel.

1. Maximize Space

Whether you have a small duffle bag or a huge suitcase, maximize the space you have. Stuff socks into sneakers, roll up belts, stack T-shirts on top of each other, and place jewelry and accessories in shoes. You’ll thank yourself for doing this later.

Don’t overfill your case, though. This can put too much stress on the zippers, and your bag will be useless. If you’re catching a flight from a Dubai airport, check suitcase weight limits with your airline operator before you travel, too.

2. Roll Up Your Clothes

Rolling up your clothes can save on space when you’re packing. Most travelers don’t do this because they fear their clothes will become wrinkled, but if you do it properly, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Clothes made from soft fabrics are perfect for rolling — cotton T-shirts, polyester vests, joggers, etc. Lay bigger, bulkier items like jackets and jeans flat at the bottom of your case, and carefully position your rolled-up items on top.

3. Ask Yourself, “Do I Really Need It?”

Taking the bare essentials on your travels will, of course, free up space in your luggage. Place all your clothes on your bed and decide whether each item is a must-pack or a put-back.

Preparing for all eventualities is always smart but, chances are, you won’t need that coat if you’re traveling to Saudi Arabia in the summer. Put it back in your closet.

4. Use Compression Bags and Packing Cubes

Compression bags are a lifesaver when you just can’t fit everything into your case. These see-through bags are great for packing awkwardly-shaped items like underwear and socks and could double the amount of space you have in your bag.

Packing cubes, on the other hand, not only save on space but will organize your suitcase. Place swimwear in one cube and tees in another, for example.

5. Ask Your Travel Partner For Help

If you’re traveling with a partner and can’t fit everything in your case, ask if you can put a few of your items in their luggage. Some people travel light and have loads of room in their luggage, so it would be a shame to waste all that free space.

Packing a suitcase is always a stressful experience. What should you pack? What should you leave behind? Following the five tips on this list will simplify the entire process. Maximize as much space as you can, roll up your clothes, don’t pack items you don’t need, use compression bags and packing cubes, and ask your travel partner for help.

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